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About Us

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The School of Foreign Languages consists of 2 teaching departments of Business English and Japanese and 1 College English teaching and research office. At present it boasts a faculty of 50 members, of whom 22 are associate professors or above (44%) , 38 hold Master’s degrees (76%) . Besides, it also has 5 international teachers. There are 9 linguistic laboratories (including 1 business English training room and 1 Japanese training room), 1 foreign language broadcast transmitting station and 5 off-campus practice bases.

In recent years, the School of Foreign Languages attaches great importance to teaching and scientific research. Teachers have published over 100 academic papers in various journals, and over 30 books (including academic books, translated works and textbooks). Teachers have undertaken and accomplished foreign language teaching reform and scientific research projects, amounting to more than 30. The School of Foreign Languages also hosts some high-quality resources at school level: 1 Featured Major, 3 excellent courses, 2 key courses, 2 courses of “Curriculum with Ideological and Political Ideas” and 1 key cultivating discipline. Teachers in School of Foreign Languages have collected honors in a wide range of contests, including the honorable titles such as the “National Excellent Instructor”, the “Excellent Ideological and Political Worker in Gansu Institutions of Higher Education”, and the school-level “Excellent Teacher”, the first, second and third awards in the SFLEP National Foreign Language Teaching Contest, as well as the awards for “Excellent Teaching”, “Young Teachers’ Practical Ability Contest”, and “Curriculum Construction”. Under the joint effort of all the teaching staff in School of Foreign Languages, the first employment rate of the students has reached over 80%. The Youth League General Branch of our school has been awarded the title of “Five Forth Red Flag Youth League Committee of Gansu Province”. Students’ passing rate in examinations such as BEC, National Qualification Examinations for Tour Guide, Inspection, Customs Declarer, and Japanese-language Proficiency Test, is among the highest in Gansu province. Our students have also collected the special prize, the first and second prizes of the professional and non-professional groups in the National Foreign Languages Contest (Gansu Division). By the end of 2019, 71 students have also been awarded the National Scholarship as well as theNational Encouragement Scholarship for their excellence. In 2014, our school was awarded the title of March-Eighth Red-BannerOrganization.

In the critical period of applied technology-oriented transformation and development of Lanzhou Institute of Technology, our school adheres to its education belief of “moral education first, undergraduate education based, enterprises and schools integrated, technique and skill excellent”. Under the principle of “solid language skill, sufficient business knowledge, balanced application and theory, innovative and practical use”, our school is dedicated to steadily improve teaching quality and scientific research level and continuously expand international exchanges and academic influence. We make great efforts to explore the OBE foreign language talents training model, and to cultivate students to be applied foreign language talents who are missioned to serve for regional economic growth.

Director of the School of Foreign Languages: Liu Wei

PartySecretaryof the School of Foreign Languages: Wen Zehua

Vice Director of the School of Foreign Languages:Xia Zengliang

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